Loud Sounds 101
Eve Essex – Room With a View

A slow and meditative number that sprung from a collaboration with dancer Lydia Okrent. Cold and sombre organ chords, vocal performance that's paradoxically detached and emotional at the same time and a memorable piccolo flute solo – that's all you need to make the next six and a half minutes of your life special.

Eve Essex
Room With A View emerged from a collaboration with dancer Lydia Okrent. Originally a reverie on testing intimate boundaries, the text evolved after the pandemic into a paranoid mediation on being watched through both physical and digital windows. For several months Lydia and I met for long improvisation sessions. Modular organ patterns set the stage, while the wind part was developed reactively by watching and responding to her movement. The piccolo solo on the album was recorded at our only live performance together, in February 2020.
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Kurran Karbal – We Won't Be Alone Forever

This song will appeal to fans of both jangly indie pop and chill spaced out alt R&B. It brings together effortlessly cool vocals, blurry guitar arps and a boldly overdriven solo. But the best thing about is the vocal melody that is going to stay in your head for days.
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B.Miles – Emergency Contact

The song presents a milder take on the late 90s – early 2000s alt pop vibe (think Butterfly Boucher). The bittersweet lyrics are set against a drum beat that sounds like a loop although it's been probably played live and dreamy guitar textures that feel almost like pads.
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