Loud Sounds 102
Parallel – Blister

Over the years we've featured quite a few acts from Bay Area. I started being interested in the scene after living in Petaluma for a while. Oakland-based Parallel is another act that's totally worth your attention. On their new single "Blister" the band explores "landscape imagery to get at the ways that experiences of loss and possibility can make you feel like a stranger in your own internal world". The music follows suit: dark and sombre textures dominated by 80s-tinged guitars manage to build new sonic worlds from minimal means, much like New Order did on "Elegia" back in the day.
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august for dawn – Better Late Than Never

This song deals with dark subject matter (murder of a best friend's abusive stepfather) with сare. Musically it's a lo-fi number that will appeal to fans of American singer-songriters and Scndinavian twee pop alike. The sound of the track is blurry and hazy, like memories of events that took place long ago.

Charlie Ryder
"Better Late Than Never" has been in the works for many years, and describes the murder of a best friend's abusive step-father amidst a wild forest fire. The step-father was eventually discovered by police in the back garden after the dog dug him up. The mother went to jail, but everyone was much better off in the end. This will be a single on my debut august for dawn album, which will hopefully come out this year. I just need to finish the new Yumi Zouma album first! Thanks for listening 😊
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