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Jenny Kern – GIRLS!

The world needs more queer anthems. Especially if they sound as catchy and atmospheric as GIRLS! The song with its reverberated pads and hints of 80s in its sound will appeal to fans of Shura. Turn on the composition, and the "GIRLS!" hook is guarateed to get stuck in your head for days.

Jenny Kern
This song is probably my most exciting and empowering song to date. I had this moment in my head where I realized, omg, I think I like girls. This track marks the beginning of a huge journey of self-exploration and coming into what being queer means to me. It was a moment in the studio where I could express my truth in a vivid, bold and unapologetic way. It’s basically a sense of freedom and celebration I had been craving my whole life. I hope people hear this song and feel the same sense of freedom to be whoever they are and love whoever they want.
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Corserine – Greatest of All

What if you put together dreamy harmonies of Röyksopp, nostalgic sound of Washed Out and add silky smooth female vocals and tasteful saxophone licks? You will get this catchy and atmospheric banger that will certainly make your day (or more likely late night) better.
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