Loud Sounds 106
GoldBloom – Roger Ebert V the State of Illinois

We look to the left. We see Roger Ebert, "beloved yet critical movie reviewer". He has seen a lot, he has analyzed a lot. His opinions are both his wealth and his burden. We look to the right. We see the State of Illinois, fueled by "desire to control the thoughts of the masses".

How do they coexist? The best way to explain it is in the language of jazz. As seen by the band themselves, "the softer harmonies of the improvisatory sections amplify the one-ness that the state seeks to achieve among its constituents. In the end, all the imagined harmony loses out to the disharmony of true coexistence." And the free-wandering saxophone voice is probably the voice of the celebrated critic. Despite the disharmony of our coexistence with the state and the world as a whole, this part is the one that stays ringing in our head after the rest of the music has faded.
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EPIC definitely has the spirit of old 8-bit video game soundtracks. But now it's powered by all the latest technology that has brought us brostep with its automated synths, bleeps and bloops. The result is as endearing as those soundtracks, but not just that. Now it's also... EPIC!
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