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Kenny Sharp – Stomp & Holler (feat. Mikki Brayboy)

Kenny Sharp is the one to watch. The multi-talented singer-songwriter from the Washington D.C. area started out as a rapper but has developed a peculiar style integrating influences from pop, R&B and country.

"I’ve always wanted to make a song that reminded me of Appalachia,” says Sharp of the new single that fuses classic bluegrass with stadium-sized pop supercharged by Kenny's powerful soulful vocals, and adds: "From the beginning the entire process of writing, producing, to now performing it has been one of my favorite experiences in music to date.”
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Kowloon – Coasting

Light breeze from the sea, sunny beaches and beautiful people relaxing and enjoying the sun and the beauty of life. This is the kind of pictures that are painted in your mind immediately after you hear the first chords of "Coasting". And if you've ever been to LA, all of these pictures will probably be the imprints of Venice Beach in your mind. Forget everything and immerse yourself in what Kowloon have to offer on the new single.
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