Loud Sounds 108

Mindy Gledhill – The Edge of the World

Mindy has come up with a perfect song for "when you need a little room to breathe". The lyrics are warm and sincere, and so is the vocal performance. The song's transparent acoustic guitar and the intimate character of its melodies and harmonies bring to mind Elliott Smith's less melancholic pieces.
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Kaycie Satterfield – American Holidays

Some things are destined to fall apart. Empires take longer, relationships can end too soon. And fireworks in the evening sky fade into nothing in the blink of an eye. But when a poet's eye catches their vivid colours, the poet's heart understands.

And then it paints a picture. One like "American Holidays", with its hazy synth textures, cold and all-embracing like the night sky, and its guitar solo, sad, showy, beautiful and ultimately doomed like those firework splashes.

Read on for Kaycie's comment about the creative process behind the song.

Kaycie Satterfield
I wanted to write a song about the distinct lonely feeling you get on patriotic holidays as someone who disagrees with everything you were surrounded by growing up. I remember being so in love with my best friend as a teenager and just watching the firework shows on the forth of July that were supposed to represent freedom and independence and thinking that I could never tell anyone, ever. I’ve only found less to celebrate on those holidays over the years. I thought a washy, synthy landscape would fit the vibe; sort of a nod to patriotism but with a dissonance that suggests a sort of dystopia to it.
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