Loud Sounds 91
We are coming back with "Loud Sounds" to show you some of the best new tracks we've found.
Work Wife – Control

"Control" starts off as a mantra with some unintelligible but super catchy vocals. And kind of continues as one too, with the verse melody so meditative and trance-inducing that one could mistake it for an ancient ritual song. The chorus carries on in the same vein. What makes the song sound even fresher is the way this trance state ends decidedly and abruptly.
Primer – Round and Round

On their new single LA-based Primer treat us to some dreamy guitars and synths and – unexpectedly – a robotic talkbox synth line that instantly brings to mind Ginuwine's classic "Pony". The soundscape is bizzarre yet purely atmospheric – a perfect soundbed for the detached and ethereal vox we hear on the track.
Check out more music from both artists' labelmates on Born Losers Records.
Jay Sallinger – Unsaid

Heavily delayed saxophone, sampled soulful cries and drums that sound like birds constantly switching between fighting each other and taking off into the endless skies all make up an unlikely mix that is Jay Sallinger's "Unsaid", a piece of jazzy goodness that is sure to make your dreamier and more relaxed.
Check out more music from the artist's labelmates on Echo Orange.
Catpack– Midnight

Catpack have a curious name that was inspired by keyboards that sound like MEOWs. You'd say this is all fantasies. But it's not. Their keyboard do sound like meows and purrs, and the new soulful jam "Midnight" is no exception. It gives you the same warm feeling you get from a cat who decided to share some warmth by making herself comfortable on your lap.
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