Loud Sounds 92
We are coming back with "Loud Sounds" to show you some of the best new tracks we've found.
Aki Takase Trio – Song for Hope

Aki Takase is a classic of Japanese modern jazz. 'Song for Hope' is a part of her debut European performance taped in November 1981 at the Berlin Jazz Festival. The piano part is airy, beautifully effortless, full of ornamental details and seamlessly switches from melodic to textural and dissonant.
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Asbjørn – He's Dancing So Well (I'm Better)

The song is highly atmospheric and deeply personal, with the emotions and vocal delivery reminiscent of 2010s leftfield R&B, especially How To Dress Well. However, the song has a more prominent groove that you would expect from this style of music. "I've always used my body as my musical compass. I don't navigate towards perfection but I strive to find bodily presence in pop music. On this song and the forthcoming album, I've danced freely and built the productions from my movement. The way 'He's Dancing So Well (I'm Better)' shuffles and stumbles is a direct translation of what my body did, which created this inherent juxtaposition; the softness of the lyrics and string-arrangement against the aggressive physicality of the beat," explains the artist.
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