Loud Sounds 96
We are coming back with "Loud Sounds" to show you some of the best new tracks we've found.
Jake Aaron – Give Me Your Horse

Jake is a London-based (and raised!) guitarist and songwriter. However, his influences on this track come from across the ocean. The quietly innovative "Jazziachi" tune features extended trumpet and organ solos that are guaranteed to stimulate your brain in unexpected ways. You might eventually decide to join a gang and steal some horses. Or buy a Hammond and start learning jazz. Who knows what is more dangerous?

Jake Aaron
I'd had an idea for a "Mexican Bandit" theme for a few years. I finally had the chance to bring it to life when I crossed paths with some brilliant musicians - the trumpet player Steve Waterman and Hammond player Steve Lodder, both from the Jazz world, and the legendary Guy Pratt on bass. It was lot of fun to play and record. The style is a cross between Jazz and Mariachi, "Jazziachi" shall we say.

I had the chance to record again with Steve Lodder and Steve Waterman recently on an album "Always Seeking", a collection of fourteen tracks loosely imagined as a soundtrack for a noir Western film.
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Antoine Flipo – Cascade

Antoine's output in 2024 marries three sonic universes: neoclassical music and the different sounds of prepared piano, ambient and minimal club music. All of this is evident on Cascade, where the three influnces take turns dominating the song's sonic ladscape. The track is meditative and highly danceable at the same time, which is quite an achievement in our opinion.
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Femke – I Should Be Ok (Acoustic)

The revolutionarily short acoustic piece by Nashville-based songwriter ends so abruptly, leaving you begging for more, that you might find yourself hiting the repeat button for hours. Femke herself calls the composition a "late night nate poem" that channels "pure raw honesty".
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