Loud Sounds 99
We are coming back with "Loud Sounds" to show you some of the best new tracks we've found.
Kepler North – Crux

This track instantly takes you to an imaginary world above the clouds pictured on its artwork! The female vocal chops sound ambiguously ethnic (although they were probably sampled from some soul record), and the pitched down voice samples are totally androgynous, adding to the otherworldly impreesion. The fat bass timbres keep you grounded though. Those are sponsored by the famed Moog One. Read on to learn more about how they were created.

Kepler North
After acquiring an elusive Moog One last year and really learning to use it, I was excited to take some ideas and assemble them together. I spent a majority of the time in December doing this and the first real big piece that came out of it was this track. I sat on it for a while and gave it a few final tweaks last month and the piece feels like it's in a good place right now. It's a lush and textural melodic journey from start to finish, with an even longer version of the song for people who just need more of those Moogy plucks in their life!
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Prince Enoki – The Fig's Hidden Flowers

Today's post is special. Here's another piece of pure magic. Built around a hypnotic Mbira part, the composition is later enriched by exquisite strings. But the main attraction here probably lies in the dueting vocals from Jocelyn Barth & Jackson Welchner.

Prince Enoki
"The Fig's Hidden Flowers" is a love song to the fig tree, which was the first fruit tree deliberately cultivated for food. It was written in Central Asia in 2014 and recorded over several sessions. The recording began with the Mbira, an ancient instrument from Zimbabwe. Later I added strings & woodwinds, vocals and finally the bass line.
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