GØSPEL's "Something4u" Will Leave You Breathless
GØSPEL are a duo from London. Their excellent new single "Something4u" combines influences from R&B, alternative pop, 2-step garage, UK bass and ambient to create a dark and dramatic atmosphere similar to what Kllo have achieved on their latest record. We asked the band members to tell us about the writing and recording process.

Beth Anderton-Allen and Chris Willsher
Writing and producing "Something4u" was a completely different process to what we were used to as made during the lockdown, which meant we created it all remotely from either end of the country. We were utilising the tech available to us at the time to write and record the track, whilst communicating virtually throughout the whole process. It's amazing what you can create these days without even being in the same room as one another.

Beth Anderton-Allen and Chris Willsher
Our songs always start as simple ideas on either the guitar or keys that we then build up over time developing, the structure and soundscape to create a full-bodied atmospheric track.
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