Take a Walk in The Suburbs of Kazan with Artur Jerk
Jerk is a guitar pop act from Kazan, Tatarstan, capable of both dirty beer-infused rock-n-roll anthems and warm gentle tunes reminiscent of Mac DeMarco. Their new video for «или каким-нибудь вором» ("Or Some Kind of Thief") shows a gentler side of Jerk and lets us peep into frontman Artur Jerk's life in the suburb with block houses, home-grown tomatoes and lovely stray dogs.

Artur Jerk
I made this song in 2015 or 2016 in one minute, posted it on Instagram as a joke and forgot about it! And this winter I found the vid, loved the vibe and instantly re-recorded it at Jerk Records.

Aidar Gainullin
It's my first experience as a music video director. I borrowed a professional camera from a friend, checked some tutorials on Youtube and set off to shoot. I texted Artur who is always down for fun and had stuff waiting for release.

I already had a location in mind, but no idea what I was going to shoot. So we just walked around for two hours filming everything we could.

When I got back home and started editing I quickly realized I had no clue what to do. At first I got upset and was about to give up. I tried to come up with a plot but eventually decided I need more material to work with.

So the next morning we took another walk around the block and only shot two more clips. The first one was with Artur coming out of the house (the beginning of the vid), the other one – with the dogs (it was the end of our walk). On the way back we picked the song for the video. When I got home I finished all the editing in one hour. I like the result, definitely gonna shoot more.
Follow Jerk on Instagram and VK. Listen to their music and buy it on Bandcamp. Thanks to Oleg Kovalenko for help with translation.