tender spring's "Hesitation" Is Moody Yet Comforting
tender spring presents "Hesitation" – his debut single released with the Nettwerk label.

The composition finds the perfect balance between sonic and emotional richness and the ability to fade into the background beautifully, changing the air around it in unexpected ways: "It sounds like stepping into a lounge bar or a cool café on the other end of town. This is one to play when you sip good coffee and get the day started."

If you follow this piece of advice from the press release, your day is going to start beautifully. The biggest hook of the track is probably the moody piano. It draws you in and slowly surrounds you with small details – background noises, touches of distortion on the drum track, tasty saxophone licks.

Jonas Cook provides the nuanced bass part and singer-songwriter Rich adds a touch of intimacy with background vocals that instantly bring to mind Blood Orange's best pieces.

tender spring
Cool sounds from real life! Everything is raw, everything is real and everyone involved is an angel.
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