52сагыш Is Like an Overheard Conversation Between Two Friends
52сагыш is an electronic music project by Radif Kashapov and Aniya Faizrakhmanova. It sounds raw and intimate – to the point of making you feel you accidentally overheard a secret conversation.
But you might not understand the words, unless you speak Tatar – Radif's native language that he writes the lyrics in. The name is also in Tatar, and it's a beautiful one. 52сагыш stands for "52 sorrows" – for the number of weeks in a year. The project hasn't released too many songs and doesn't do much promotion. Radif confesses it feels too intimate to promote. And this adds to the impression of 52сагыш's music as something truly personal.

We asked Aniya to tell us about the writing process and the chemistry between the band members.

Aniya Faizrakhmanova
I remember exactly when I met Radif – on March 9, 2016, at the British Council seminar.

Radif approached me and my band Juna during the break and invited us to hold a music festival together. In a forest. Something like that. Well, I thought that he was a determined person – he saw us for the first time and immediately offered something.

We've been in touch since then. I adore him for being so open-minded – I can offer any idea and he will support it. He doesn't need to be persuaded. You don't have to worry he wouldn't like your ideas; there is no one like Radif.

We invited Radif to replace guitarists in our band and took him on tours. He also regularly offers us something. Once he invited me to do a music project together. This is how "52сагыш" was born. Radif brought everything to the project: the name of the band, the covers of the singles and all the music. My only contribution is my vocal cords. And I'm cool with that. This scheme allows me to look at my vocal abilities differently, to try out something new.

I like how he works: he doesn't get stuck with choices, implements, practically, the very first option that comes to mind, the very first vocal take. I try to resonate with this approach and I really like this feeling of ease.

Once we wanted to record something immediately - and did it right on January 1 with no hesitation. After first takes we talked about a cemetery and went for a walk there after recording, without putting it in the back of the drawer. While sitting with a friend in a kitchen we realized that we needed to take a picture together, then we saw the nearest door to the bathroom and took a picture in the bathroom. I like it this way.
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