EP Review: Alena Ciera – All In My Head
Alena Ciera is a Maryland-based singer and guitarist. Her new EP "All In My Head" is a breath of fresh air. Its strong melodies stay with you for a long time, and its tasteful funky arrangements create a sonic world of their own.

The EP opener "All In My Head" combines airy synths, transparent guitar arpeggios and crisp drums creating a head-spinning dreamy atmosphere. The track boasts an insanely catchy hook that draws you in like a vortex and takes you to a different place.

"Change Your Mind" takes up the baton, keeping the magical, starry-eyed atmosphere. The rich synth pads and feather-light guitars remain intact. But the track adds new colors to the palette, bringing in a touch of funk and even some tasteful EDM influences. Its standout part is the beautiful guitar solo that helps the song rich its emotional climax.

"Somebody To Love" provides a moment of relaxation after the carnival, combining the familiar production elements into new patterns. The ballad has massive singalong potential, and its multitracked choir-like vocals hint on how the song would sound in a stadium setting when thousands of people join Alena for the chorus.

"What You Want" starts with sinewave arps that stay present throughout the song, always bubbling under layers of production and adding a sad touch to the track. The song's chorus has a strong melody that is supported by dark synth chords and lively drums.

The album's closing track is "In Your Feelings", another ballad with a singalong hook. Its call-and-response vocals bring to mind classic Motown tracks, while its rich funky arrangement with a modern twist sounds like something that CeeLo Green, Bruno Mars or John Legend could jump on. Alena's warm delivery makes this a standout track on the EP.

Alena Ciera's EP "All In My Head" is a captivating journey, blending dreamy and funky arrangements with her warm, emotive vocals. Each track leaves a lasting impression, from the head-spinning opener "All In My Head" to the soulful and anthemic "In Your Feelings." With a modern twist on classic influences, Alena showcases her talent and leaves us eager for more.