Interview: ANNNA Talks Producing Her Own Songs, Fashion Industry, New Single "Sunburn"
Summer is getting unbearably hot where I am. Well, Netherlands-based artist ANNNA's new single might help. She says it is "that retro track that you'll want to hear by the poolside, in that coffee bar or wherever you'll be this summer". It has the melodically rich disco-tinged sound that's hard not to love (think Parcels, Roosevelt or Daft Punk's last album). The track is not just catchy, it comes with an important message. Read our interview with ANNNA to learn more.
— "Sunburn" feels like a song perfectly crafted for the summer. Was creating a summer anthem your initial ambition when writing the song?
— So me and my friend, Dutch artist Jengi met in the middle of the coldest, and probably the most rainy month of the year: in December. That's when we wrote this song. Somehow we were both completely 'done' with all the cold, and especially the fact that because of Covid we weren't able to even enjoy the Christmas. So when Jengi picked up his bass and started messing around, I was like "Jan, I think we should write the most sunny, incredibly cheerful track we can make right now " :D
— How did you start writing "the most sunny, incredibly cheerful track" – with the name, the hook, the backing track or some other way?
— Well, actually Jengi created quite an awesome instrumental. And in terms of toplining, I think I'm the best when I lock myself in my studio in the middle of Amsterdam and just get on with it. So that's how it went, I started with the idea of getting a "Sunburn" because of the fact of how warm out planet is getting every day, every second.

Since sustainability and global warming are some of the issues I'm really worried about, that's also a very reoccurring theme in my music. I bet you wouldn't even have the slightest idea when you listen to Sunburn that it's actually about something pretty depressing hahaha.
— Absolutely! It makes the song multidimensional. What other songs of yours touch on this topic and in what ways?
— Starting from "Polyester" which is a literal anthem to the fast fashion industry ending with my last single before 'Sunburn' , "Oops". A lot of it is about fashion since that's something very close to me (all my merchandise is made from Organic cotton, bamboo made in a CO2 neutral production) since I know how terrible the clothing industry is. It's literally the second biggest polluter in the world.
— You produce your own songs. Can you talk about some of your techniques as a producer? What instruments do you use? What is your usual approach?
— Well actually I'm the producer on most of my songs. Lately I just also like to collaborate with others since that makes you very inspired. And indeed, creates completely new vibes such as 'Sunburn'.

To be honest, my go to is my nord piano. I start there (or before I had just a regular simple stage piano) and from then on, I'll add some nice synth and there we go. Somehow the synth sounds are just so satisfying to me. If I find the right one, I know that the track will be there at some point.
— Thank you for the interview! Can you recommend your latest favourite track to our readers (not your own)?
— Ohhh yes totally! I'm so so into the new track by Regard, Troye Sivan, Tate McRae – You. It's just epic, and that synth solo keeps me on repeat every time.

Thank you so so much for all!