Aroly Tariq Makes Interesting Leftfield R&B
Aroly Tariq is a singer, songwriter, producer, and visual artist from Melbourne. She originally started releasing tracks with a band called Audego, which she sang and played keys for.

Aroly Tariq has only released two solo singles so far, the latest of which, Beretta, is a fine example of experimental R&B that's melodic, adventurous and slightly psychedelic at the same time, much like the music of Kelela.

Her new tracks are fully self-written, self-produced and self-recorded. "I even learnt how to make film clips for it, 'cos I just wanna know as much stuff as possible. I love figuring new things out, especially with creative software," says the artist.

Aroly Tariq

This was the first, proper song I finished exploring my own production with vocals. I really love pretty, gentle trap beats and vocal layers used instrumentally. I feel like this song was guided a bit by artists such as Aluna, SZA and James Blake (I love how he plays with vocal layers), but I was just doing random stuff and didn't really have a solid influence behind it.

Recording process

I self-recorded it at my house. I'm all about DIY stuff. Creatively I'm really trying to explore autonomy. Even with my visual art. I'm not really focused on collaborations right now, 'cos I think I'm at stage of artistic growth and wanna see where that leads without compromise or pressure from other people.

The song's meaning

Beretta is an optimistic, biddy bounce about coming to terms with a friendship dissolution. There's sadness in it, but accepting misalignment and moving through it is easier than kicking shit up hill, ya know?
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