Bastien Keb's New Song Is a "Retreating Back to the Woods" Anthem
Bastien Keb is a UK-based producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. The hazy, rainy, washed-out sound of his latest single perfectly suits this ode to escapism. Its marriage of funk, soul and bedroom pop as well as the attention to detail bring to mind Jai Paul. The track also features a string section that helps bring this this twilight forest R&B jam to its climax.

Bastien Keb
Initially I wanted the whole tracks just to be the intro, but I played it so sloppy that it didn't work. So that's when the main part of the track came about. It sits on the same chord progression throughout, so the process was just about finding different melodies and building from there.

Lyrically it's about giving up because you think you're not good enough. Retreating into the woods so no one can see you fail. At the end of the track there's a bit of belief that you can become stronger, but then you give up again and realise you always just belonged in the woods on your own.
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