Boris Geist's "Пусть" Proves Toy Instruments Can Sound Truly Magical
Boris Geist's new album «Бессонница» ("Insomnia") is a modern take on the genre of Russian romance. It adds new colors to the palette: drums, ethnic instruments and even a toy cimbalom. We asked Boris to tell us how he wrote and recorded our favorite song on the album «Пусть» ("So Be It").

Boris Geist
This song was written before other songs in the album, it is about three years old. I recorded it without any special skills or complicated equipment. The main accompaniment was played on a small children's cimbalom that looks like a harp. Once I was in a sad mood after quitting another occasional job. I went to the music store where my friend worked and spent my last cash on this cimbalom. I've never regretted it. The cimbalom is still with me, it cheers me up and sounds very magical.
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