Boy Indigo's New Single Is Truly Unique
Boy Indigo is a Sacramento-based band, "equally inspired by retro soul, psychedelic rock & roll, jazz and hip-hop alike". The description might seem too eclectic to imagine, but it turns out to be surprisingly true.

The new single is a great example of this style. Its bold, almost stadium-sized melodies feel at home an intimate musical setting made up of sparse bass, textural guitars and nuanced drums. Can't Feel Alright is a unique tune that sounds halfway between a festival singalong and a heartfelt lullaby.

The song's lyrics may read as abstract on the surface, but they have real deepness behind them. Read on to learn about the song's connection to its frontman Devon's grandfather and his childhood in the south and decipher the song's mysterious ritualistic video.

Devon Blue
Can't Feel Alright is a song that reflects heavily on the stories my grandfather told me about growing up in the south during a time of a great racial divide. And even though things are better now I don't think I can be alright knowing how he suffered.

Interestingly enough, the video is about being an artist, how we are meant to entertain the masses without a break. Every corner of our personal lives is put on display. In the video the masked audience gets closer and closer to the band until the band is consumed. In the end all the artist can see is the audience.
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