EP Review: Broey. – Fragments
Broey. is an artist, producer, and audio engineer from Scranton, Pennsylvania who often describes himself as a "real sound guy". He is most famous for chill tracks in the vein of lo-fi hip-hop, but Broey. feels at home in many other genres, including dance music featured on his latest EP "Fragments".

All the tracks on the EP carry Broey.'s DNA – it's house music, but the songs are dreamy, hazy and laid-back. They are true dancefloor-fillers, but if you turn them on lying in your bed in the dark with headphones on or riding a bus home in rainy suburban environment, they would feel just as emotional.

The EP starts off with Like That. The lively composition brings together earth-shatteringly deep bass and kick, dreamy pads, energetic vocal chops, breakbeat loops and even DJ scratches.

Run For Cover
is more disquenting. Unsettling synths, murky bass groove and a wealth of samples, percussion touches and sound FX all create a feeling that the storm is brewing, and there is no escape from it. Heavily sidechained female vocals form a sort of duet with the ghostly low-piched part. However, the track is short and we don't get the storm itself, just the expectation, which makes it even more interesting.

Wanted is a more relaxed tune perfect for contemplating a beautiful sunrise after a massive rave. Washed out piano chords, trancey beeping synths and warming vocals all form a sort of texture that embraces you like the arms of a person you love.

Numbers is emotionally close to the opener Like That – it boasts the same combination of crazy energy and dreamy laid-back atmosphere created by the synth textures. The difference is that this track also features rapping which makes it even more vibrant.

Breathing Room centers around transparent keyboard chords that are soon swallowed by a wall of synths, vocals and sound FX. They can still be heard in the mix, giving the track a constant jazzy and moody vibe.

The EP closes with Eyes On Me. The track has a lot of pop potential. The catchy vocal hook is set againt acid-tinged bass loop, synth melodies and light-footed piano chords. We even hear an avant-jazz sax solo later in the song. This track builds a sort of tension that never resolves. And it feels like a wise decision to end the EP on this note, because it instantly makes you want to hit the "Repeat" button.

Overall, the EP offers a wealth of moods and emotions expressed through relentless dance rhythms, rich and layered synth textures, crazy sound FX and heavily processed vocals. The record showcases another side of Broey.'s talent as a producer, multi-instrumentalist and – what's more important – a truly original artist with a vision of his own.