Chernii Gosudar Bring Back The Best Summers of Your Life
Чёрный Государь (Chernii Gosudar) proudly cite classic Russian rock as their main influence. The band's performances are often theatrical, and the members look like they were born with wigs and greasepaint. But if you scratch the surface you will be rewarded with honest emotions. Their debut album "Rodnoy" is a rollercoaster trip through nostalgia, anxiety, foolishness and even horror. We asked the band's frontman Mitya Burmistrov to give us an insight into our favourite tune on the album.

Mitya Burmistrov
I think the album consists of two parts: classic "acoustic" hits (Snowman, Black Raven, Love and Wine) and songs "with a teen spirit" – for example, Rodnoy. With the music and the lyrics of the song I wanted to create the nostalgia feel for the sleepless summer when you are somewhere between 10th grade and second year of University.

First crazy friends ("these are forever" - your parents tell you), high hopes for a cool career in a big city, the feeling that everything that's happening now is just the beginning.

And the hero of the song seemed to me like an alien who suddenly appeared in the circle of friends and became its soul. When I was writing the lyrics I recalled all the best feelings from the student parties with my friends. All of my songs are somehow autobiographical. Sometimes it's 100% about me, sometimes I use my experience as a trampoline.
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