Cloud Cloud Is the Band to Watch in 2020
Listen to their new EP
Dream pop act Cloud Cloud is an email collaboration between Katja Seiffert and Marten Kaffke living in Kiel (Germany) and Vienna (Austria). They met at a DIY punk show in Kiel and started working together.
Cloud Cloud have developed a sound of their own that feels very raw and intimate. It is defined by arpeggiated guitars, simple tasteful basslines and minimalistic electronic drums. The band's two videos add to the effect, creating an almost voyeuristic sensation of watching a home video only intended for friends and family. Somehow, it feels nice to be a part of this extended circle. We hope to watch it grow and include many more fans of the band's unique hazy homespun sound.

Here's what Cloud Cloud told us about their latest single "Tough Girl":

"Tough Girl" is a melancholic dream pop song inspired by growing up in a small coastal city of Northern Germany. The lyrics are about the memories attached to sheer objects like a worn out suit or a dress. Some feelings reoccur each time that a certain piece of clothing touches your skin, like a window to your past emotion. It was the first song written by „Cloud Cloud".

"Tough Girl" is part of the band's debut EP "What Are My Options?". Hear it in its entirety:
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Photo by Bukas Lesenfelder.