Cosie Makes Powerful and Intimate Pop
Singer, songwriter and producer Cosie grew up in Arezzo, a small town in Italy, learning classical violin from an early age. Now she lives in Frankfurt and makes charmingly minimalistic pop music. Together with the earnest and confidential tone of her vocals the minimalistic arrangements create a captivatingly intimate atmosphere. On the new song "Pharmakon" and Cosie's another excellent single "Somebody Else" its ingredients are piano, synths, subdued drums and organic sounds serving as percussion.

I remember casually playing the piano in my bedroom when the Pharmakon riff crossed my mind. I started experimenting with different synthesizers and percussions by recording and sampling real sounds. A good friend of mine helped me out with the production part. We recorded the vocals, the piano and the main synths in his studio in Frankfurt last summer. At the time I was listening to a lot of L├ąpsley and Billie Eilish, who inspired the character of the vocal production. The lyrics are based on a philosophical concept, hence the name of the song, "Pharmakon". What fascinates me most about this concept is the dichotomous meaning of the word: in fact, in philosophy and critical theory, pharmakon means both remedy and poison. I expanded that concept to love and asked myself: is love a poison or a remedy? Like in a daze, love takes control of your actions and feelings and you're left wondering if it's really good or bad for you.