Knife Girl's "Eat You Alive" Sounds Like a Sped Up Version of a Lost Disco Classic
Knife Girl, whose music has been featured many times on this blog, is back with a new single.

It's a piece of funky goodness that sounds like a sped up version of a lost disco classic. The song combines Prince-like guitars, a shameless octave bass line and Lili's trademark pitch-manipulated vocals.

Knife Girl
In this song I'm singing to someone disillusioned with love, telling them to disregard their hurt and give in to my amazing loving. I'm playing a character, it's egotistical and slimey on purpose. There's a lot of people out there who are full of themselves and don't care about respecting other peoples boundaries.

I put a bunch of silly sounds into the production. I wrote the lyrics on a whim, basically just trying to fit in as many goofy lines as possible. It's not a very serious song.