Elle Eliades's Debut Single Is Made to Be Played on Repeat
Melbourne soul singer Elle Eliades has just released her debut single "Running". And it's a tune we can't stop spinning on repeat. The smoky ballad feels effortless. Turn on the song and read the story behind it.

Elle Eliades
I recorded this song in my bedroom during lockdown which was kind of stressful but fun at the time. I didn't have amazing equipment and it seemed like every time I went to record, someone in my street felt like mowing their lawn haha. Looking back on it now it's cool how it was recorded alone with such a basic set up and I wouldn't change anything about it. I'm so grateful to the mixer that brought my bedroom recording to life! The cover art was also taken by myself on self-timer during lockdown which was a really fun thing to create. You can see some funny behind the scenes of the cover art on my Instagram highlight.

I wrote this song at the end of 2017 at a time in my life where I was so sick of giving in to fear and nerves and not performing to my potential. The fact that it took me 3 years to finally release (when the finalised recorded version didn't take long) is an actual representation of the meaning behind the song: stop running - work on overcoming your self-doubts and nerves. And that's what I did, I worked on myself. Since writing this song, I've grown so much as an artist and person and have written a lot of music but I believe this is the perfect song to mark the beginning of my journey as an original artist as it not only reflects on where I began as a young aspiring artist full of self doubt but also how far I've come since then and where I am right now after I took the time to work on myself, cultivate my sound and discover who I want to be as an artist.
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