Fairuza Zagidullina Combines Personality, Tatar Tradition and Modern Approach to Production
Fairuza Zagidullina is an immensely talented singer from Tatarstan. When she was growing up in Zangar Kul village, she was already famous in her area for singing songs by Zohra Sakhabieva, Alfiya Avzalova and other female Tatar vocal legends.

For Fairuza, singing is a way to celebrate the beauty of the world. Her voice has a quality that is known in Tatar language as моң. The singing that is described as having моң is both heavy with traditional Tatar melisma and has an indescribable combination of sadness, longing and soul.

Interestingly, her newest song Авыл Киче is about the nostalgia for villages being the places where people sang the old songs with моң. And this very song brings back those familiar feelings, but with modern arrangement.

The production duties were handled by Timur Mitronin, who is part of groups Djinn City and Vatannar, both reimagining traditional Tatar songs collected in expeditions with modern production means.

We can't wait to hear more Fairuza Zagidullina and see how she combines personality, tradition and modern approach to production in her unique songs.