Находки 1: Armando Luna, Namaste & Lemaire, Kaleema, Bad Flamingo
Cover photo: Lemaire
Находки translates from Russian as "Fresh Finds". Tune in to the first installment of the series.
Armando Luna – Black Magic Woman

Armando Luna is a Dominican pop musician currently based in Florida. In this rendition of the rock standard made famous by Fleetwood Mac and Santana he stays true to his Dominican roots, marrying blues with elements of his native Merengue style.
Namaste & Lemaire – Rocketship

Namaste and Lemaire are bringing back the music we know you have missed. Because we did. It is a brand of highly melodic R&B with arpeggiated guitars made famous by Craig David in the 2000s. Instant nostalgia!
Kaleema – Circulo De Arena

Kaleema is Heidi Lewandowski – a producer and singer from Buenos Aires. "Circulo De Arena" is a single from her recent album "Útera". She composed the track during a phase of intense physical and spiritual healing. It brings together dreamy, misty vocals, hazy synths and a driving, complex percussive pattern bringing listeners into a state of trance.
Bad Flamingo – Mama Raised You Right

Bad Flamingo is a duo that prefers to hide their indentites behind masks and cowboy suits. "Mama Raised You Right" is their latest single. It is a post-blues number with playful horns, smoky vocals and an infectious melody.