Loud Sounds 105
Sara Landry x Alt-8 – Heaven

On the new single California-born techno sensation collaborates with her good friend Alt-8. The song's production is dry, raw and minimalistic with just the chopped up diva vocals and nothing else in the spotlight. The track has a somewhat trancey vibe, a thing we often see in modern techno compositions.
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Stayhomie – Hateland

Stayhomie is the brainchild of the prolific Russian musician Max Kubbe, also known for his indie pop project Komplimenter and loud prog-rock outfit KIROV that has toured extensively in Europe. Hateland is a satisfying example of post-rave electronica, made famous by the likes of Bicep and Burial. Its coldish synth textures, sparse drums and pitched down vocals are the best sountrack for lonely mornings after massive rave events and long walks around the city in twilight.
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