Loud Sounds 11
Cover photo: cover art for "Pipes" by Varsity Star
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the eleventh installment of the series.
Inwards – Mouse

Inwards is Kristian Shelley, a multi-instrumentalist and music programmer from Worcestershire. His weapons of choice are a modular synth, as well as other electronic and acoustic instruments.

The music of Inwards is very synesthetic to our ears. Its sonic pallette instantly provokes vivid visuals and even tactile associations. The video for Kristian's latest single "Mouse" plays with that, featuring images of a person itching a leg, tapping on a phone screen and wiping a mirror with a cloth. All of these instantly connect in your brain with a rubbery resonant synth layer featured throughout the track.

Kristian Shelley (Inwards): "It's a film about infinity, its relation to the human spirit, and how we manifest it in our lives. We wanted to display the hypnotic thirst that comes with this attachment to our infinite identity and the inevitable passage of "time". "Modern anxiety" has become an umbrella term for all the insecurity, uncertainty, and confusion we experience. We think it's important that we continue to visualize, deconstruct, and create a deeper language to discuss a feeling that has become universal yet elusive."
Also check out the pleasantly trippy "Hospital Job", showcasing a different side of Inwards.
Inwards's music is released by Brighton-based music label Small Pond. Their roster boasts a few more curious acts. One of them is Varsity Star, a multi-instrumentalist from Brooklyn with a love for UK electronic music and abstract visuals.
Apart from electronic music, Small Pond works with folk musicians, including a lo-fi nugget Daniel God Damn Byrom (for fans of Neutral Milk Hotel, tape hiss and sweet sadness), solo and as a part of Brighton-based folk act Wild Cat Strike.

"GOOD FOR NOTHING." is an experimental hip hop act from Ontario, Canada. Their new single "THROUGH ME." brings together fierce rapping, minimalistic avant-garde production and a beautifully uncomforting visualizer.

GOOD FOR NOTHING.: "THROUGH ME. is song about the current state of living and a reminder that it's the simple things that are overlooked. Like the coincidence that human beings naturally have 7 holes in them (if you were to count them) while 7 day work weeks seem to become the norm without care. At least that's how it feels, and that's the footing the song starts on. A song about the current state of living that involves 5–7 day work weeks, worse in some places. This isn't a song, it's commentary but it is still recommended that you dance if you feel a groove. As a new artist coming up in this new industry it's gotten so complex that I want to remind myself to keep it simple and be authentic in this game.

The visualizer was shot in front of a Condo building in Ontario Canada which seems to be the only priority here. Rent becomes more normal and ownership becomes more of a dream. it's rare to see it exposed in music everyone feels it. cheers."
Also check out the equally inventive and fierce single "CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT.".