Находки 2: Caoilfhionn Rose, Minev, Vincenzo Salvia, Cromansette
Cover photo: Minev
Находки translates from Russian as "Fresh Finds". We are coming back with the second installment of the series.
Caoilfhionn Rose – To Me

We've recently featured Caoilfhionn's "Fireflies". And now she's back with another excellent single "To Me". In the video for the song Caoilfhionn strolls near the sea. And the sea is very much like the music for "To Me" – it's serene, free-flowing and beautiful, but under its surface is anxiety and unknown dark power.
Minev – Valya

Minev is a Bulgarian-born electronic musician based in London. His latest track features a hauntingly beautiful sample from Valya Balkanska, a world-famous Bulgarian folk singer, among other things known for her rendition of "Izlel e Delyo Haidutin" that was sent to travel beyond Solar System on the Voyager spacecraft in 1977. Minev's "Valya" is dark and hopeful at the same time. And hope, among other things, can make "negativity flow away down the rivers, carried away by the water", as Valya Balkanska says in the song.
Vincenzo Salvia – Dangerous Mind (feat. Konstanza)

The prolific Italo disco producer Vincenzo Salvia is back with a highly energetic dance tune. But "Dangerous Mind" is not just stylish and groovy. It comes equipped with an important message about sexual harrassment. Konstanza sings about her heroine's right to dress provocatively: "The streets are mine. You won't scare me tonight".
Cromansette – Water Flow

Cromansette is an up-and-coming producer and singer from Kazan, Russia. "Water Flow" combines arpeggiated synths, post-punk guitars, deep heavy bass and Cromansette's sensual vocals. Curiously, they were recorded on his iPhone as a demo, but he liked the mood of the recordings and used his raw first takes on the final version. Surely it was the right decision, as the track's immediacy and emotional rawness is what captured us in the first place.