Loud Sounds 25
Cover photo: Edvard Borneo – Lake Michigan cover art
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the twenty-fifth installment of the series.
WEIRDO – Lost Interest

Lost Interest from WEIRDO's new EP ODDBITS started as an idea that got lost on an old hard drive, written in 2010. It's a bitter track with dirty guitars and charmingly sloppy vocals. This punk attitude is what the makes the song stand out. "I like to thrash things through 80s digital outboard to give things a more trashy sound – everything is too perfect today. Perfect mix, perfect vocals, perfect this and that. Fuck that – punk it up a bit," explains Josh Cristopher, the man behind WEIRDO.
Also check out another standout track on the EP.
Edvard Borneo – Lake Michigan

Edvard Borneo is a singer-songwriter and painter from Norway. His latest single Lake Michigan is a catchy song with warm acoustic guitar, transparent backing vocals and a memorable beatlesque harmony. He says it was inspired by Elliott Smith and Kings Of Convenience and "written with a geopolitical conflict in mind, but wound up as a love song describing a turbulent, yet passionate relationship".