Loud Sounds 28
Cover photo: Keri Sreb
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 28th installment of the series.
Kepler North – Golden Hour

Joshua Davidson has been working as a sound designer for almost 15 years and making music for 20. Kepler North is his most recent moniker. The tracks he has released under this name are dark and moody and often feature ghostly vocal chops. Our favourite is Golden Hour which almost didn't get released. It features steel drums, ocean wave samples and the trademark chopped-up vocals. The result sounds sinister and calming at the same time, which to our ears is a perfect combination.

Joshua Davidson
I started "Golden Hour" 3 years ago, making the first version over a weekend. When I started putting out Kepler North tracks I wasn't even really sure I wanted to put this one out, but something in my heart said "DO IT!" and I spent a week or so in my off time giving it a 2022 facelift.
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Keri Sreb – the only song you sing

Keri Sreb is a New-York-based singer and songwriter. Her latest single with its funky bass and dreamy guitars will appeal to the fans of Steve Lacy, The Internet and DAISY. Her previous jam I'm Getting Ugly is an R&B song with a memorable guitar arp and trappy drums.

Keri Sreb
This song is about infidelity and a guy who acts all innocent only to be doing shady shit on the side. He probably still thinks he is a good guy deep down, and maybe he is, but basically he wants to have a serious girlfriend and then also some not-so-serious girlfriends. The song is kind of saying that I don't care to keep his secrets for him.