Loud Sounds 29
Cover photo: Jasu
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 29th installment of the series.
Jasu – dancing on my own

Jasu is a case of raw talent. He makes bedroom pop that feels unlike most of today's tracks in the genre – i.e. not trying trying too hard to sound spontaneous and homespun, but actually bearing these qualities. A few years ago the same qualities made Shiloh Dynasty's music viral and lead to millions of streams. We hope Jasu finds a broad audience too.

Justin Luong
my name is Justin Luong. I'm 22 and I like to make music whenever I have the time. That's all i really want to do anyway. Whenever I don't have work somewhere else I kinda just waste my life away in my room and try to create something.

uhhmmm i think the song gives you a very chill and relaxing vibe that you're in a dreamlike state dancing with the person you love. In reality it's actually just in your head. The song is about someone who is deeply in love with another that never really looks at them. They watch their lover very intensely, maybe even to an extremely stalkish extent. They start to practice their lover's hobbies to the point where they are physically and mentally exhausted. Anything to attract the love of your life right? They also just like to pretend that their lover is in front of them while they dance alone in their room

the inspiration came from just thinking about my ex girlfriend i think. When I was with her at the time of course. I just imagined her dancing in front of me and then at the end of the song she just disappears and I'm alone in the room
Aino & Miihkali – Akileijat

Aino & Miihkali is a Finnish duo based in Helsinki with roots in North Karelia. They create their songs by looping Finnish plucked instrument kantele and then building around that. Their influences include jazz, folk and traditional music from all over the world. Their songs feel different with every listen, and the latest single is not an exception. It can sound meditative, lulling or highly energetic, depending on your own mood.

"Akileija" is Finnish for a flower called columbine. The refrain asks if the columbines are still blooming in the place that I used to know. The song is about losing connection. It's about understanding that some things in life can't be controlled or repaired, and there's no going back to what used to be. So you take your memories and go forward. I have found comfort in this song during these challenging times, flowers tend to grow back.
The arrangement is quite loyal to the live version of the piece. I started to compose using a live-looper, playing around with it, and adding the song lines and rhythms on the top. The steady loops of the track are played by drumming and plucking my instrument, kantele. (Kantele is a Finnish string instrument, I find it very versatile and inspiring to play.) Here I also use it as a bass and for the chords.

We have tried some new ideas on this single, and it's actually our first track with banjo. I love the way that Miihkali plays it here. It feels fresh, and free of "the baggage" of the instrument. I think these string instruments work well together, complimenting each other with different timbres and level of sustain.

As we wanted to add more organic sound to the rhythm section, we have a guest star on drums, Anssi Nykänen. Anssi is one of the most appreciated drummers in Finland, with a venerable career, so obviously we are honored to have him on our recording.