Находки 3: Benedikt, vern matz, Parlour Magic, Shyfta
Cover photo: Benedikt
Находки translates from Russian as "Fresh Finds". We are coming back with the third installment of the series.
Benedikt – Silver and Gold

"Silver and Gold" by Norwegian nine-piece folk act Benedikt sounds like a lost Sufjan Stevens track and features "layers of different guitars in different tunings", as the band revealed to us. It's a heartfelt song with a beautiful melody, as intimate as a soft whisper in your ear.
vern matz – Another Land

Another gentle and intimate folk song – now from Brooklyn-based duo vern matz. They compared the song with a road movie – if so, it's a DIY movie shot by a hopeless romantic on a beat-up VHS camera – not to win awards but to make two minutes of your life better.
Parlour Magic – Ville Rose

Luс Bokor-Smith creates beautiful large-scale multimedia installations and writes synth-pop under the name Parlour Magic. "Ville Rose" is a perfect soundtrack for late-night drives with a catchy melody that sounds like classic-era Pet Shop Boys trying on some autone.
Shyfta – Motion

Shyfta confesses he has crafted this infectious piece of UK garage out of nostalgia for the early days of rave. We asked him to tell us about his first experience of going to one. Here's what he told us:

"My first experience of going to a Rave was when I was 18 and living in Bristol, there's a club there called Motion, and Shy FX was playing some of the loosest DnB. I fell in love with the bass and cutting shapes. The entire crowd just pumping. I think over the years, my tastes changed, my circle was listening to a lot of old school UK garage, and I was also loving artists like Four Tet, and Bonobo, Jamie xx at the same time. I love the classic feel good garage tracks like 'Gabriel' by Roy Davis Jr, and a very loose Recloose remix of MJ Cole's 'Wondering Why'. I think listening to these tracks on repeat has seeped into the sounds that I work with when making music."