Находки 4: Pacer, Vincenzo Salvia, Havana Swim Club
Cover photo: Vincenzo Salvia
Находки translates from Russian as "Fresh Finds". We are coming back with the fourth installment of the series.
Pacer – Waiting for the Punch

"Waiting for the Punch" is the second single from the upcoming debut album by LA duo Pacer. It's a song with a charming gentle melody and great attention to detail both in the lyrics and its organic multi-layered production. But most importantly, the band is not scared to sound fragile, and this instantly won us over.
Vincenzo Salvia – Souvenir

Vincenzo Salvia's "Souvenir" from the eponymous EP unexpectedly marries Italo disco with New Age. The track feels like a hot and stuffy night under a strange sky after a long and tiring flight. You have arrived to a place you've never been. There's nothing more to do. The whole night is yours. You're free from everything and still jet-lagged. And the sounds of a new country and voices speaking in a foreign language are mixing with the buzz of aircraft engines in your head.
Havana Swim Club – Yeah

Welcome back to the sample-based semi-tropical heaven built by Dan Koch of Havana Swim Club. His last tune reminded us 2000s lounge music, while this one brings to mind the ubiquitous disco house hits of the same decade. The track is rich with sunny melodies, masterful dub-influenced work with delays and filters and pleasant vinyl hiss. Dive in!
Cover photo of Vincenzo Salvia by Doreen Manning.