Loud Sounds 40
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 40th installment of the series.
Vorsen – Radio

New single from Vorsen is highly atmospheric with production wrapping you in its warm blanket of sounds (or embracing you like a lover) and boasts a huge chorus. But probably the best thing about it is Vorsen's unmistakable vocals supported by Camilla Staveley-Taylor from The Staves.

Everyone wants to be comfortable in their own skin. Today, it's more evident than ever that people find it important to maintain their independence and being ok completely alone, or at least portraying that; and I'd say I'm one of those people (for the most part). However, when life is rubbish and you're going through some stuff it's emotionally stifling and ridiculous to deny that you need friends or a partner to help get through it. Men especially suck at it. This song is about coming to terms with that feeling – that maybe you aren't impervious to difficult stuff and do in fact need others at those times and guess what, that's totally fine.
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Broughton – Beloved (Candyland)

The song comes from Broughton's new tape "Idle Place" that he recorded in Turkey. It's a sincere and vulnerable tune devoted to his longtime girlfriend. But it bangs hard too! The beat is minimalistic and leaves a lot of room for the vocals to shine and for the story to unfold and has an unmistakeable UK vibe .

The inspiration behind the song is my girlfriend who I've been with for a long time. It's about my love for her & all the time she has stood by my side through thick & thin. She's been by my side through everything & my whole music career, supporting me more than anybody in my life. I owe a lot to her, it's one of my most meaningful songs
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