Loud Sounds 45
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 45th installment of the series.
Mari Dangerfield – Love Machine

Mari identifies her style as quirkpop, citing vast artistic influences and attention to melody as reasons. "I learned classical music as a child, I took 2 years to study musical theatre writing to see how I could feed that into my work. I love many classic singer-songwriters and other acts and many current artists too. I'm always trying to keep my ears open to new things." Another reason is that her music "doesn't, at least not so far, fit into a specific box when it comes to genre".

Her newest single "Love Machine" is definitely both melodic and somewhat quirky. It has an undeniable hook and a catchy synth melody. We also loved the choreography in the video.
Also check out her previous single.
Morabezo Tobacco – Touch You

Touch You is a catchy and comforting tune with a funky bass line, dreamy synths and an overall hazy, washed out vibe. Band members cite Sade and Mazzy Star as influences – an odd mix, but it totally makes sense if you listen to the song. The video accompanying the single combines humour, style and the same pleasant retro vibe that makes their music stand out.