Loud Sounds 46
Cover photo: Jason Van Wyk
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 46th installment of the series.
Jason Van Wyk – All This Time

All This Time by South African composer and producer Jason van Wyk is a deeply emotional cinematic track that keeps the tension growing for more than five minutes, constantly keeping the listener on their toes. The central element of the composition is the all-swallowing sonic vortex, but, interestingly enough, it was started with the drums.

"With most of my tracks I try and establish an atmosphere or mood first, then I build the rest of the track around that. In the case of "All This Time", the drums were actually done prior to everything else. These were created by running vintage drum machine samples through two analog delay units, then cut up in Cubase and arranged," says the artist.
The song came out on Oakland-based n5MD label. Check out more of their releases.
Tetza – sell by:

LA-born, Brooklyn-based Tetza shares the first song from her upcoming EP "Summer Reading." On this track inspired by Giveon and Billie Eilish Tetza is not afraid to show her vulnerable side. The vibey arrangement creates a perfect frame for that and helps the listener feel an intimate connection with the artist.

I wrote, produced, and recorded the song myself with the help of a few instrumentalist friends. Recording in my bedroom, I like to set a nice ambience with mood lighting and candles. It's a little tricky because I live in Brooklyn and my apartment is definitely not meant to be a recording studio, but I always make it work!

I write a lot about sex and feeling my most powerful, but this is the first time I'm really letting people hear a song that serves almost as a journal entry to a more insecure and tender moment in my life. For me, the song is basically about previous traumas (in all different forms) manufacturing doubts about what seems to be the perfect relationship. The fear of the what if. What if the relationship does have an expiration date? And me being me, I had to have some sort of joke or cheeky pun so the song is called sell by:
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