Loud Sounds 49
Cover photo: Valley Latini
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 49th installment of the series.
g. spinn – We Might

Ambient and acoustic folk are two genres our blog is known for covering. Today we are listening to a tune that surprisingly belongs to both worlds. "We Might" by g. spinn begins as a heartfelt folk tune that would appeal to fans of Elliott Smith and then gets dissolved in a sea of ambient sounds. It is a perfect match, but not many have done this before!

g. spinn
Lyrically, I had been reflecting on childhood friendships and I realized what I had experienced at a young age was real, true love. Nothing romantic, because I was too young to even have a concept of that but I just remember how I wanted to spend every moment I could with these people. So, I had just written very stream of conscious kind of thoughts on this topic, this newly minted realization, rearranged some lines and settled pretty quickly on what you hear.

Musically, I had been experimenting with alternate tunings to bring out new musical ideas. It worked! but I was stuck after two verses...My songwriting instincts told me to write a bridge and I tried! I really did! When things don't come easy, I don't force it. I had always been allured to the connection of folk and electronic/ambient. I feel like it's not an area that is fully explored. I had the idea, technically it seemed easy and plausible, and the results were pretty satisfying.

I also should add that the inspiration to go the ambient path was in part due to the cover art. The art was made early on and I loved the sort of portal to "nostalgia melancholy" (that's the name of the EP) you see on the cover. So I created an entry point (the intro to the first song on the EP) and an exit point (the ambient section to "We Might").
Valley Latini – Shadow (feat. Avi Snow)

Andrea Valentina Mendoza aka Valley Latini was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved to New York to become a full-time musician. Her experience as a dancer at night clubs in NY defined both her musical style and visual approach.

The new singled adorned by Andrea's seductive whispery vocals demonstrates her peculiar subdued production style and her undeniable melodic gift. She says the song tells the story of a "love conquest I have idealized, but eventually realized that the idealization was just a fantasy".
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