Loud Sounds 55
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 55th installment of the series.
Lisa Crawley – Without You

Lisa Crawley's latest single "Without You" is a soulful laid-back ballad that showcases her effortless vocal delivery and shiny but sad melodies. Co-written and produced by Rob Kleiner, the track with its warm guitar arpeggios and chords draws inspiration from 60s soul singers and 90s R&B girl groups, blending pop, folk, and jazz influences to create a unique and captivating sound.

The song's lyrics are evocative and emotive, capturing the feeling of being "torn between making decisions with the head or the heart". Interestingly enough, the lyrics were inspired by Lisa's history of performing other people's songs: "Having a background in singing covers gave me something to write about – verse one starts with a nod towards the soul destroying nature that taking requests and playing in restaurants can have if you're not careful…"

Lisa Crawley
One of my first gigs in LA was at a bar that seemed to purely request songs from 90s and 2000s girl groups, which was also a huge part of my listening growing up. As a result a lot of those songs were stuck in my head and resulted in me writing something with that in mind. I always wanted to be in a girl group!

I had written some verse lyrics and found a loop on splice I liked which is far from my normal process - usually it's me, a piano and a voice note. I recorded a very rough demo and asked my friend and frequent collaborator Rob Kleiner if he'd be interested in working on it with me. We discussed references – a combination of 90's r&b mixed with soft 60s vocals, and from there we finished writing and recorded it at his studio. Working with Rob is always a fun, creative experience.
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madebygodes & Segody Bedam – outsider

Diego Florencio, better known as MADEBYGODES, is a 16-year-old artist from São Paulo, Brazil who creates music in collaboration with Sedogy Bedam using FL Studio software. His main source of inspiration is the "feelings of everyday life", which he expresses through "atmospheric energy in his songs".

MADEBYGODES' latest single "outsider" is a beautiful and ethereal ambient track that transports the listener to a dreamy soundscape. The track's sound brings to mind singing underground springs and echoes of sirens' voices, creating a sense of otherworldly beauty.

In his own words, MADEBYGODES explains that the track is "about feeling like an outsider and not fitting in with the norm", which is evident in the haunting textures and melancholic undertones of the music. The lofi and ambient style of the song is therapeutic, creating a space for self-reflection.