Loud Sounds 58
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 58th installment of the series.
Parker Leftlover – The Race

The new song from Swiss duo Parker Leftlover mixes catchy guitar arpeggios, dark and dreamy synths and an insanely infectious bass line to create an undeniable banger. The intimate feel of the vocals strikes the perfect balance with the song's glossy arrangement, adding a refreshing touch to the song.

Nikita Thévoz
The song is about a relationship that didn't really work out, mixed with a wave of depression that clouded my horizon for a while. It's about power, weakness, manipulation and ego in relationships. When I wrote it, I felt very alone but at the same time too proud to show it or to ask for attention. I felt like nobody could understand me because I was stuck in a reality that I knew was tinged with darkness because of my state of mind.

Writing about love is a way for me to understand and connect with my inner beliefs, to take some intuitive thoughts seriously and it's also a space to be a little dramatic. Writing about your feelings always seems like a very intimate process, but at the same time, love is the most global feeling there is. Everyone can identify with love stories. I remember singing Angel Olsen's "Unfucktheworld" over and over again feeling like she was speaking for me. I think there's something very comforting about realising that we're not alone with our dark thoughts and that the emotions triggered by a break-up don't have to isolate us, they're just part of a perfectly normal process.
Trueblood – Dancing at the Beach

The Truebloods are a band of four young brothers. Their talent caught the attention of renowned artists like Weird Al, Weezer and Foo Fighters, who praised their music online. Transitioning from covers to original songs, the Truebloods are now releasing their debut single, "Dancing at the Beach", written by Mason Trueblood and capturing the carefree spirit of childhood beyond the confines of quarantine. The song's catchy guitar and bass parts as well as the beautifully simple lyrics all sound fresh and extremely memorable.

Jamie Trueblood
The dad
Music was very therapeutic for Mason during lockdown, but many of the songs were more dark and serious. When he began to go to school again, it was like a cloud was lifted. When he created the melody he was stuck on the lyrics, so we encouraged him to just write what it's like being a kid with his friends. The week he wrote the lyrics he was playing lots of sports, and yes..climbing up on the roof of our house, running around barefoot. Mom has since asked him to minimize that, ha.