Loud Sounds 6: WEIRDO, Nobuhiro Okahashi, Knife Girl
Cover photo: "in white" cover art
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the sixth installment of the series.

WEIRDO's "TRANSCENDENCE" is a devastatingly beautiful and accurate expression of aching emptiness inside that nothing seems to be able to heal. No words, alcohol or sex can fill the void masterfully expressed by WEIRDO's ice-cold synths, sparse drums, bursts of noise and sensual vocals. The single is accompanied by a surrealistic video.

Josh Christopher (WEIRDO): "The song and video are about a journey through a broken relationship where love, betrayal, heartbreak and loss combine in an ethereal way. The video was created by Prague based 3D visual team 'NotReal_Virtual' and I developed the idea with Lucas Saidl from there."
Nobuhiro Okahashi – in white

Nobuhiro Okahashi's "in white" manages to paint space, distance, dull-coloured mist, heavy humid air and the spirit of Japan in summer with what seems like a minimum of carefully selected expressive means, much like a Whistler's painting.

Nobuhiro Okahashi: "For this work, I created a soundscape of layered synths, plenty of guitar pedal and an overlay of forest, mountain, mist, and other natural sounds from my current home in Osaka.

The overall mood of this piece was also influenced by the constant flow of rain and intense humidity around me, as this was made during Japan's monsoon season."
Knife Girl – Why

Knife Girl keeps delivering her own brand of loose-jointed post-funk. Her latest single "Why" is a Frankenstein assembled from humorously eerie voice samples, mind-numbingly sunny synths and anxiously playful basslines. In other words, it's an explosion of contrasting emotions that feels as honest as it does inventive. Listen to "Why" – a "scathing critique of capítalism" disguised as a disarmingly quirky pop tune.