Loud Sounds 61
We are coming back with "Loud Sounds" to show you some of the best new tracks we've found.
Metro Riders – Spasm

Henrik Stelzer, the force behind Metro Riders, enchants us with his latest single "Spasm", delivering a subdued and dusty soundscape. Drawing from the aesthetic of 80s European genre films, Stelzer makes "Spasm" an interesting example of the retro-modern blend. The song's ghostly atmosphere, crafted through a vintage Fostex and reel-to-reel setup, unfurls the unwelcoming realities of urban life. With "Spasm", Stelzer manages to embody an air of mystery through seemingly familiar sonic means. The single stands as a promising sign of what's to come in his forthcoming album, Lost in Reality.

Henrik Stelzer
Metro Riders
In the gritty depths of the city of Stockholm during the throes of our times, Metro Riders became a runaway, swallowed whole by the concretes unforgiving embrace. With a sense for something more, I traveled the desolate streets, a lost youth desperately seeking a lifeline amidst the urban decay.

One evening at home, during the echoing silence of those desolate nights, I stumbled upon a melody that would later become "Spasm".

Its atonal rhythms travelled through the abandoned alleyways, mirroring the disarray of our own fractured existence. Amidst dilapidated, lost souls and flickering streetlights, the eerie melodies became a refuge, a sonic companion that understood the longing etched into the city's walls.

As I trudged through the wasteland, the echoes of "Spasm" merged with the city's discordant symphony, assisted my relentless search for purpose, a reminder that even amidst decay, beauty and resilience can still be found.
Cruz Rock – Me Quedare Contigo

"Me Quedare Contigo" by Cruz Rock is a sincere and high melodic love ballad arranged in traditional Bachata fashion. Its sweet acoustic guitars and rich percussion keep the production interesting throughout the whole duration of the track. The composition is short, and this makes you want to instantly hit the repeat button.

Cruz Rock
"Me Quedare Contigo" is a Bachata song that i wrote & recorded 2 years ago. The instrumental was produced by Stanley on the Beat who is a producer from the Dominican Republic. When i first heard the instrumental i fell in love with it because it had an authentic classic latin feel. I wanted to write a Romantic song that could transcend for generations to come. The song is about my promise to a woman that i will not leave her. A story of romance and traditional love between 2 people who stay together no matter the situation.
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