Loud Sounds 65
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Matti CharltonThe Easy 11 Redo

Matti is a genre-bending musical artist from Canada whose music we have covered multiple times. Matti's newest single features robust pulsing bass, gentle reverberated vocals singing a melody reminiscent of classic Pet Shop Boys tunes, 80s-inspired gated toms and neon-glowing synths. The somewhat dissonant character of the vocalizing adds an avant-garde appeal to the pop-oriented song. The lyrics were inspired by Matti's realization of how hard it is to love and value yourself.

Matti Charlton
This was the first vocal track I recorded after coming back from a month in Israel in spring of this year

It's about how common it is to help others and love others, but how difficult it is to help yourself and love yourself.

I recorded the vocals right after re-setting up my vocal booth as I had moved out of my apartment to a house, but that didn't work out, so I had to move all my stuff back to my apartmenet, having sub-let it for about 3 months, which was itself a nightmare.

But ultimately the relationship I was in at the house was toxic, I was constantly being undervalued for my contributions to the house, including taking the attic from being just rafters to literally it being almost entirely semi-finished up there. I was berated and scolded for any contributions I made, and what ended up happening was I was exploited for my labor and the ex of mine that owns the house literally has a six figure salary and I live below the poverty line.

So that exploitation - having allowed it to go on for so long, that is - was partly on me because I didn't love or value myself enough. It made it easy for someone else to also devalue me and treat me in that way. So it was the catharsis of exiting that toxicity that precipitated me writing the song. The vocals were adlibbed.

For the overall tone of both that track as well as the three instrumental tracks on the same EP as it, I was going for Sci-Fi/Horror John Carpenter or Wes Craven or like Candyman (so like Philip Glass mixed with Bach kinda stuff).
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