Loud Sounds 67
We are coming back with "Loud Sounds" to show you some of the best new tracks we've found.
Tall Bird – Far from the Tree

Swedish Jazz duo Tall Bird is back with a fresh and relaxing second single "Far From the Tree". The song features gentle hand claps and organic ambient-like textures. The acoustic guitar invokes images of rain drops or spring water. But the highlight of the composition is, of course, the highly melodic sax part.

Tall Bird
Far From The Tree grew quite organically out of a writing session we had a couple of months ago. We started out with the guitar part that is the base of the song, and Martin experimented with different Woodwind parts on top of that. We usually work in a way where we send files and ideas to each other back and forth, and continuously build on the songs. Most of the time we end up in a place we didn't expect from the first song idea we had, which is a part of the charm of it all. We also like to let improvisation play a big part in the writing and recording process.
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A Days Wait – Signals

The jangly single "Signals" from "A Days Wait" is a treat for the ears. It verses bring to mind the likes of Real Estate or early Primal Scream. However, the chorus blasts with energy and has real stadium potential. The melancholic vibe of the composition along with the vocal delivery and guitar parts made me think of R.E.M. circa "Up" and "Reveal" albums. An interesting note: all proceeds from this musical project go to charity.
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