Loud Sounds 69
We are coming back with "Loud Sounds" to show you some of the best new tracks we've found.
Natalie Clark – MIRACLE

Latest single from Natalie combines pulsing bass, huge drums and textural piano to give the song a retro-tinged romantic flavour. The song also boasts a huge stadium-sized chorus that is highlighted by the production handled by Todd Spadafore.

Aria Ohlsson

I wrote the song after a conversation with a friend who was struggling at the time, who felt nothing would ever change. I thought to myself, all she needs is a 'miracle' and wrote this song! I recorded the song with incredible producer, Todd Spadafore, here in LA, and he really nailed the sound I wanted for a big chorus!
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El Búho – Cenizas de Agua

El Búho is a renowned producer that has played venues all over the world including Lolapolooza Chile, Berghain Kanteen and even the Eiffel Tower. His latest single is one of my favourite records this year.

Its simple yet effective production with warm watery synths and simple but infectious beat provides a perfect soundbed for Nita's captivating vocals.

Robin (El Buho)
This track started with me cutting up some of Nita's old vocals and then I found this delicious warn synth and kept it simple. I sent it to Nita and she just did her thing, we did I think two back and fourths (including adding that "abre tu pecho" line which is my favourite part) and it was done. It's a song about the climate crisis, about self-reflection and action. It's about a world changing around us and finding our own way to move through denial, anxiety and fear on a problem that is so all encompassing and difficult to comprehend. How can our minds deal with the end of human society as we know it and keep on living a normal life?
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