Loud Sounds 75
We are coming back with "Loud Sounds" to show you some of the best new tracks we've found.
Taylor Fleming – Oiseau

Lewisburg native piano virtuoso Taylor Fleming is back with a new single Oiseau (which translates as "bird" from French). The composition is rich with memorable parts and little details, but its main attraction is Taylor's piano that ranges from moody and melodic to machine-gun-fire fast and textural.
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Bruk Rogers – Lalela feat. ASAP Shembe

If you happen to know London-based Irish producer Cian McCann (aka Zero T/Zero Tolerance), be prepared to meet Bruk Rogers. Bruk Rogers is the same man but under a different name. And the music is different too. The new single is a collaboration with undeniably charismatic ASAP Shembe. The song's eclectic style incorporates elements from jazz, deep house and future bass and sounds insanely futuristic.

Bruk Rogers

Lalela came about after I remixed Kid Fonque & Jonny Millers's "Oawhku" for Stay True Records, South Africa. ASAP Shembe was the featured vocalist on that and I loved working with his rapping in Zulu and Xhosa. I asked if he would be up for writing something for my album and gave him some options of beats to work to. He chose this one and it's turned into an epic future-jazz odyssey.
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re:abel – Otherside

re:abel is a new project from Melbourne resident Ryan Gasparini who found his own mesmerizing blend of UK Garage with atmospheric electronica. Otherside, the title track from his fresh EP, brings together reverberating vocals, deep house bass tones, sultry pad touches, nuanced percussion and a wealth of sonic details to create a special atmosphere that can evoke images as diverse as a hot city night or dark and mysterious jungle depths.
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