Loud Sounds 84
We are coming back with "Loud Sounds" to show you some of the best new tracks we've found.
Aze – Mother, did I make you proud?

Aze cite Marina and Caroline Polachek as influences, but we found this musical quilt stiched together from juicy overdriven guitars, slap bass touches, dreamy sine synths and sensual vocals to be reminiscent of the best stuff from Gorillaz (think Dare and feel Good Inc).
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Morena Leraba – Malishon'ilanga (Spoek Mathambo Remix)

The remix of this deeply spiritual track from Morena Leraba combines serene synth textures, detailed drum pattern and lots of reverberation adding an extra layers of deepness to the track and creating a sort of sonic 3D effect.

Teboho (Morena Leraba)
"Malishon'ilanga" is a Zulu word of praise, meaning "when the sun sets." It signifies a poignant moment in the narrative of the song where I lament the passing of beloved individuals. It encompasses memories, remembrance of their deeds, and reflections on their lives while they were still with us. The song serves as a lament, expressing sorrow for those who have departed.

The writing and recording process came about during a period of extensive touring without a record release. As we toured more fans started to inquire about our music. We then met in a bedroom studio in Steve's apartment in Linden, Johannesburg. Steve produced the entire EP, including the first remix in this series. Most of the songs on the EP had been in development during our tours, drawing from our live performances.
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