Loud Sounds 95
We are coming back with "Loud Sounds" to show you some of the best new tracks we've found.
wes pierce – TELL EM (DEAD)

wes pierce describes his own style as "eclectic garage and bass". TELL EM (DEAD) definitely fits the description. It brings together abrasive synths that you would find in techno and more mainstream versions of dubstep, atmospheric ghostly pads reminiscent of new age, organic samples and dark dubby vocals. This sounds a bit like a hypercharged version of Burial that would be perfect both for the dancefloor and for listening on the lonely bus ride back home from a massive rave.
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Dover Lynn Fox – Low Moon

Low Moon is the title track from Dover Lynn Fox's new EP that dropped on May 3. The artist describes the song as "the embodiment of what it feels to finally feel the freedom born from the growth you've been going through". Musically it's a midtempo number with strong belted vocals, robust melodies with massive singalong potential and straightforward yet effective parts, including a textural highly reverberated sax solo.
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